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Hymnal Plus          HT300US

At Last, a Worship Music Accompaniment System That Sounds GREAT and Easy to Operate!

How often have you had to scramble to find someone to provide musical accompaniment for church services, choir rehearsals, prayer meetings, vacation bible school, weddings, funerals, etc.? The “Digital Hymnal HT300US” by Hymn Technology, Ltd. is the ultimate solution for your music accompaniment needs – convenient, portable, self-contained and ready, willing and able to provide perfect music accompaniment and it never takes a vacation!

The “ Digital Hymnal HT300US” takes music accompaniment for worship to a whole new level. Straight out of the box, the plays thousands of traditional hymns and modern worship songs (the standard repertoire includes over 2750 recordings). Plus, additional tune packages are available immediately to expand your library and more will become available as demand arises. With upgradeability being a key feature of the and with its built-in MIDI and MP3 player, you can tailor your Digital Hymnal HT300US to meet your unique music needs. Add the optional Display Output plug-in and you can display lyrics, prayers, etc. via a projector (in either PAL or NTSC formats). Easily formatted lyrics auto-advance as the plays the music. Or, plug in a qwerty typing keyboard and enter your own text straight into the HT300US...........

The Digital Hymnal HT300US by Hymn Technology - The ultimate music worship solution!

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(Note: Sound quality is dependent on computer sound card and speaker. To experience the true quality of the Digital Hymnal HT300US, please request our information packet and sample CD.)

Price includes free shipping and insurance in the Continental US. $2499.oo

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Digital Hymnal DH200 by Gulbransen




includes the following items:
DH200 Unit-IR Remote-Battery-AC adapter/Charger-
RCA cables Original DH200 Owner's Manual
Master Index Song List 

The perfect solution for all your music accompaniment needs, the Gulbransen Digital Hymnal plays customized orchestrations for thousands of traditional hymns, choruses, contemporary praise and worship music, gospel favorites, wedding music, patriotic and military titles as well as songs for graduation and memorial services. You can easily customize your selections by choosing the tempo, key, number of verses played, the introduction and Amen and more. Choose from a wide variety of realistic digitally sampled keyboard and orchestral sounds ranging from the pipe organ, acoustic piano and drums to string and woodwind instruments, choral voices and carillon bells. Solo the soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts separately or in any combination.
The Digital Hymnal plays standard MIDI files and MP3 filesfiles, giving you even more musical choices. The Model DH200 uses the latest Compact Flash technology for the ultimate in flexibility and expandability. With the DH200, upgrading your system or expanding the hymnal's music library is now just an easy download away. Your options are endless.

Price includes free shipping and insurance in the Continental US. $1595.oo

For more information click here: Digital Hymnal DH200 by Gulbransen

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Now, after thousands have been sold, Gloria players are being used around the world in an estimated 75 countries to bring the beautiful orchestral sound of hymns to life. Gloria3 is the third Gloria model made available to the churchgoing public, and the first to be actually promoted in North America.  Gloria3 has the option of being programmed with the Word Music/Integrity Music Celebration Hymnal, and/or the Celebremos su Gloria Hymnal. A military version, using parts of the Book of Worship for U.S. Forces along with the Celebration Hymnal, is    also available. Gloria Music Corporation intends to introduce more hymns and worship songs in the future, which can be downloaded from the Internet through the USB port in Gloria3


Gloria3 $599.95 with  Celebration Hymnal

Gloria3 $639.95 with  Celebration Hymnal & select hymns from
U.S. Armed Services Book of Worship

For more information click here on the Gloria 3

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HymnMaster 2008


The HYMNMASTER 2008 will revolutionize your ability to provide musical accompaniment or background music. Just enter the desired hymn number and the HYMNMASTER 2008 automatically plays the hymn – just like your own music accompanist. You can even select the instrument that plays your hymn and adjust the tempo and pitch. Manufactured since 1984, the HYMNMASTER 2008 gives you the convenience of taking an accompanist in a box wherever you go and the ability to quickly and easily learn new songs, provide musical accompaniment at a moments notice, prepare songs for meetings and events, and lead the music at fellowship and worship times. Perfect for the mission field, small and compact.

The HYMNMASTER 2008 is suitable for -
·   Church Congregational Singing
·   Retreats, Fellowships
·   Hospital and Nursing Home Visitations
·   Wedding, Funerals, Receptions,
·   Enjoyment at Home, Practice for solo’s,
·   Mission Trips, anywhere, anytime.

HYMNMASTER 2008 -- only $179.oo plus $12.oo s/h

Including HYMNMASTER 2008 containing 1324 songs
/carrying case/9volt DC adapter/master hymn list/owner's manual


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